all is one whole, all is pure love, to purely love all things, there is no death. scriabinwasaplayer.tumblr.com (music), lifeadonic.tumblr.com (writing)

i am just really soft and comfy all the time 

i can understand why some want to be remembered by everyone for a really long time after theyre gone for something amazing, a new discovery, an impossible talent, but life does not exist like that, every moment is miraculous, if youre remembered by only one person for your little touches or that you could make rice and toast really well that’s fine, the marvelous yet crippling ability to encase memories is beautiful in itself, you are congealed energy, there is no true death anyway 

I read the Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei manga a very long while ago (last year, no new chapters have come out since ch. 22) and have always had on my mind how amazing of an anime it would be; amazing characters, amazing characterization, super realistic universe, and complete (scientific) explanation of any abilities, a really complex and intriguing plot (reminded me of code geass a lil bit) with just the right amount of romance/drama sprinkled in there without any obnoxious fanservice that dont take the forefront at all, but then BAM

this is gon’ be so good I want 5 movies go read the manga if you havent already it is so good